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Up Close: Duck and Cover Minter

Always “Ready for Anything”, a mantra that Duck and Cover swears by. They want their clothes to be as ready as you are to tackle what the world can throw at you. Since 1996, Duck and Cover have been leading the way with its unique, trendy and ground-breaking designs. By 1999 the brand had evolved into a distinctive denim collection … Continue reading

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Winter Warmers

Well what a turbulent week it’s been with the weather, sudden and onset downpours, glorious sunshine, a million mile per hour winds, and temperatures cold enough to freeze the blood within your veins. Okay so maybe it’s a slight exaggeration of how it’s actually been but it is only a slight exaggeration. We, here at TDF Fashion want to make … Continue reading

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Sale, Savings & Style … My 3 favourite words!

It’s that time of the season, the time that we all love, the time where we see those four letters that bring humongous grins to our faces … S-A-L-E! Yes it’s sale time at TDF Fashion and this time we’re bringing your some steals of the century, with upto 50% off from Diesel, Lacoste, Firetrap, Duck and Cover, Jack and … Continue reading

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Naut-y Duck & Cover

Hello you lovely avid readers of this blog. We’re back once again to give you the low down on a few of our favorite pieces from our suppliers collections. This week we’re turning all our efforts to Duck & Cover. Despite taking their name from a defense mechanism invented by the Americans, they’ve done anything but “duck and cover”. They’ve … Continue reading

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Get the Look … Firetrap

Hello everyone, Welcome back to another TDF Fashion Blog. I hope you’re all well & that the weather is of a reasonable state where you are. Now as you may recall last week, I wrote an item called “Get the look … Gio-Goi”, well this week I’m going to do the same, focusing mainly on Firetrap but with a few … Continue reading

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Dynamic Denim … you can’t live without!

Hello all! Once again welcome to the TDF Fashion blog, where we will give you a little low-down on a few of our fantastic jeans available right now at TDF Fashion. So without further-a-do lets get things underway and begin with that favourite of ours, Firetrap. Having been at the forefront of men’s fashion since 1991; offering designer fashion to … Continue reading

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Knits, Cardi’s & Jumpers … windy weather essentials!

Hello again you lovely lot! This time its the turn of the trusted knitted top/cardigan/jumper and boy oh boy, do we have a bunch of gorgeous tops to show you today! Here at TDF Fashion, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of design and style for the best prices around. Firetrap have always been at the forefront … Continue reading

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