6 Festival Essentials You’ll Need This Summer!

Headed to a festival this August/ September? Don’t forget your torch, your duct tape and your blister plasters!

Roughing it is all part of the fun, they say – but blisters aren’t.
Roughing it is all part of the fun, they say – but blisters aren’t. 

Roughing it is part of the fun, sure, but you can avoid unnecessary hardship by making a festival packing list. Try breaking it down into “clothes and accessories”, “toiletries”, “valuables” and “camping”, and make sure to include these oft-forgotten items that could help you out of a tight spot.

Blister plasters

You’ll cover huge distances journeying back and forth across a festival site over the course of a weekend. Throw in a pair of wellies you’ve worn once before, and a couple of hundred people treading on your toes, and blisters are pretty much inevitable. A gel-based plaster to protect against further rubbing is an easily-overlooked necessity.

Duct tape

Think broken tent-poles, tears in your tent canvas, even holes in your wellies. A bit of heavy-duty tape in the bottom of your rucksack could get you out of a crisis, and it takes up very little space.

A torch

We’ve all been there: scrambling around in a pitch-black tent at 3am after too many warm ciders, searching for the zip on your sleeping bag, trying to use the screen of your dying phone as a light. You need a little, lightweight torch. If your tent has an inside hook, you can even set up a makeshift light by hanging your torch from it – and if it doesn’t, get your duct tape out. Duct tape is useful, see?

Earplugs and eyemask

Chances are you’re going to want at least one decent night’s sleep to see you through four days and nights of exertion. Even if you’re camping some distance from the main arena, you’ll be with lots of loud and happy people – and tents are not exactly soundproof. So if you’re a light sleeper, earplugs are a must. Also, it’s summer, and the sun rises insanely early. If that’s going to wake you up, pack an eyemask and get an extra couple of hours of rest.

Clothes pegs

Grab a couple of clothes pegs before you leave home and pop them in a rucksack pocket. There’s bound to be a deluge at some point. When the sun finally comes out, squeeze out your sodden garments and peg them to your tent, or a nearby tree. Socks especially – nothing nicer than a dry pair on day three.


Its always good to have somewhere to put all your belongings whether it would be to store in the tent or carry from stage to stage.


We hope from this it gives you an idea of what you need to take with you dont for the the beer (drink responsibly) and have a blast!!!

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