Stay Superdry This Festive Period

The countdown is well underway, and as with every year other song on the radio is a Christmas jingle, every product in the supermarket has been branded with a Xmas theme… But at TDF we have a slightly different idea of what makes Christmas this year…

This year for Christmas we know exactly what you want and that is Superdry! While always a year long favourite we’ve noticed this seasons Superdry is attracting a lot of attention and when you see the AW13 lines its no surprise!

These winter sweat and knits are everywhere and the minute, but Superdry have stayed cool and created something a lot more subtle but equally as Christmassy, (and on a personal note, this on my Chritsmas list) any man would be chuffed with a gift this great under the tree!

Walking through town I think its fair non of us are a stranger to seeing a classic superdry t-shirt or a windcheater but this Autumn/Winter they’ve really stepped there game up and are offering the classic Superdry style with a real twist. And needless to say, it’s a real revamp and its gona make any seasoned Superdry fan be itching to get in-store. Furthermore the windcheater while nothing to drastic has changed, because lets face it nothing needs too, a few additions and new colour combos make it as much of a must have as the day it you first laid eyes on it!

If its your first and your buying for that special someone and you’re not 100% sure what your new fella is gona like, then we suggest a superdry hoodie! Known for there sheer comfort-factor, soft, snug and all around a real Christmas cracker! And with the slightly more subdued colour, you have a real piece of vintage Superdry and when we say vintage, we means it’s always going to stay in style, because, well it’s Superdry!

So this chsristmas if you’re getting stressed, not sure what to buy, and want to avoid running around like a headless turkey (Christmas pun haha), then look no further than Superdry, its one we promise wont disappoint, why as we speak I’m covered in had to toe in Superdry clothing, which is a perfect reason to mention Superdry even have smaller presents to fill that stocking such as Belts, hats and boxers!
Have a Christmas To Die For this year!

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